A Variety of Fine teas 80 Tea bags

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  • 80bags per pack
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A Variety of Fine teas 80 Tea bags
A Variety of Fine teas 80 Tea bags
About the Product

Enjoy our finest Dilmah teas presented in a new, unique variety gift pack. ‘A Variety of Fine Tea’ offers 10 enveloped teabags each of Ceylon Supreme, Caramel, Earl Grey, Lemon, Pure Green Tea, Green Tea with Natural Jasmine Petals, Moroccan Mint Green Tea and Springtime Fragrant Oolong.

Tasting Notes

Ceylon Supreme

Finest Ceylon Tea from the spectacular Maskeliya Region with its lush tapestry of tea draped mountains. The intense and full bodied Maskeliya teas are distinct for their robust character and thickness. Mostly around 1,200 meters above sea level, the soils and weather conditions in this region produce deep and intense teas with strength and thickness that are unusual amongst teas made in the traditional manner.


An aromatic tea with a touch of toffee. Deliciously indulgent, this is a pleasant, medium bodied tea with a rich taste profile.

Earl Grey

With the piquant citrus note that is characteristic of the classic Earl Grey tea, the bold base of Ceylon Tea creates a truly refined experience. The earthy is balanced by the sweet floral of the bergamot, creating a sublimely elegant brew.


A juicy lemon note with a touch of sweetness yields a mildly tangy and fragrant tea.

Pure Green Tea

A light and gentle green tea with a soft herbal note. Elegant, pale yellow with hues of olive when brewed, and a refreshing, pleasantly subtle aroma and taste.

Green Tea with Natural Jasmine Petals

The beautiful aroma of the night blooming jasmine joined together in perfect unison with the hay-like nuances of fine green tea. A yellow-green brew that is delicate and refreshing with the fragrance of jasmine flowers giving it a unique floral character. This unique combination comes to you with the convenience of a spacious, luxurious tea bag which allows plenty of room for the tea to unfurl and brew without restriction

Moroccan Mint Green

An enlivening and wonderfully refreshing green tea combining natural mint leaves with green tea in a traditional and wholly natural fusion of flavours. The marriage produces a sparkling tea that adds a minty fragrance and taste to a clean, and bright green tea.

Springtime Fragrant Oolong

A deliciously different tea, with a beautiful floral note that is reminiscent of orchids and an unique velvety texture, this tea is known as Tieguanyin. Whilst an oolong tea, it is lighter and entirely different to the typically heavier and more common oolong. An aristocratic tea with distinctive aroma, taste and personality.

Brewing Information
  • Recommended to use Spring Water
  • 95˚C –100˚C for Black teas (include flavoured black tea), 70˚C –80˚C for Green teas & Oolong Tea
  • 1 Tea Bag per Person
  • 220ml of water per person
  • 3 - 5 Minutes for Black teas (include flavoured black tea), 2 minutes for Green teas & Oolong Tea
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