Health Benefits of English Breakfast Tea

Health Benefits of English Breakfast Tea

Easily one of the most consumed beverages in the world, the English breakfast tea has become a staple drink that accompanies a hearty breakfast. But did you know that it comes with many health benefits? You will be surprised by how a fresh cuppa every morning can help you lead a healthy life.

Origins, Taste, and Caffeine Levels of English Breakfast Tea

This particular tea has its roots that can be traced to the days of the British Empire. Traditionally, English breakfast tea is a black tea made from a blend of Assam, Ceylon Tea, and Kenyan Leaves, however, it was not the blend that led to its prominence. It was the colour, character, and taste that made the tea popular. Dilmah’s English Breakfast Tea, made from a blend of Ceylon black tea and is just one perfect example. 

The taste is generally characterised as being strong and robust, along with having a rich colour.

On average, a cup of tea would possess around 42 milligrams of caffeine, which is a moderate amount to give you just enough energy to function efficiently without the jitters that coffee causes.

English Breakfast Tea and Digestion

One of the more common English breakfast tea health benefits that have been backed by research is the positive impact it has on the digestive system. Regular consumption of black tea is known to help maintain a healthy metabolic rate, which results in a strong immune system. This is attributed to the antimicrobial properties present in the tea, as it does not allow the growth of harmful microorganisms in the digestive tract.

English Breakfast Tea and Weight Loss

Although further scientific study has to be conducted, there is a popular belief that English breakfast tea benefits weight loss programmes. There are two arguments to support this notion. The first being that the tea polyphenols increases the breakdown of fat, which contributes to weight loss. The second is the fact that this beverage is calorie-free and is a good source of hydration. Of course, this is only if it is taken without milk or sugar.

English Breakfast Tea and Heart Health

A fresh cup of English breakfast tea might also help maintain good heart health. The flavonoids present in the drink are known to reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol. Such a reduction means that the heart can pump blood through the body without straining too much, allowing you to perform physical tasks with lower stress levels.

English Breakfast Tea and Blood Sugar

Due to its many antioxidants and calorie-free nature, English breakfast tea is a great way to control blood sugar levels in the body. According to research, epigallocatechin gallate that is present in the beverage increases the production of insulin, which in turn results in controlled sugar levels.

English Breakfast Tea and Mental Health

While there are many physical benefits of English breakfast tea, it has its fair share of mental benefits as well. The combination of caffeine and an amino acid called L-theanine increases the level of alpha activity in the brain. This helps in maintaining a heightened sense of attention and focus, allowing you to perform tasks efficiently.

English Breakfast Tea and Pregnancy

English breakfast tea is something that can be enjoyed by all. However, due to its caffeine level, specialists recommend that only 200 milligrams a day be consumed by pregnant and lactating women to be on the safe side.

Brew a cup of Dilmah English Breakfast Tea to accompany your power breakfast!

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