Business is Matter of Human Service

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Business is Matter of Human Service
Business is Matter of Human Service
About the Product

Thousands of lives have been transformed thanks to MJF’s philosophy of appreciating the value of being humane, something he has devoted his life to. 280 pages of a spiritually rich life.


Merrill J. Fernando Charitable Foundation

About the Author

The Merrill J. Fernando Charitable Foundation is ranked amongst the largest private charitable foundations in Asia with a minimum 10% of the pre-tax profits of the Dilmah Tea and allied companies funding its operations. In 2007 Merrill J. Fernando’s philosophy evolved in recognition of the reality that the welfare of man and the environmental are irrevocably intertwined. Dilmah Conservation uses its share of the earnings from Dilmah to research, design and promote sustainable agriculture, whilst working towards carbon neutrality and sustainability of Dilmah operations. The unit also works on educating future leaders on the importance of our natural environment, supporting the establishment of Nature Clubs in schools around Sri Lanka, and environmental education generally. Dilmah Conservation is engaged in species conservation, habitat restoration and the promotion of biodiversity. The achievements of an ordinary Sri Lankan armed with an ambitious vision to change the world resonates globally as a fresh and genuinely sustainable vision for the role of business in the 21st Century.



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