Gift of Green Gift Pack - 80 Tea bags

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Gift of Green Gift Pack - 80 Tea bags

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About the Product

A gentle introduction to the world of Green Teas. 10 enveloped teabags each of Pure Green Tea, Green Tea Moroccan Mint, Green Tea with Jasmine Petals, Sencha Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Pure Camomile Flowers, Pure Peppermint Leaves and Natural Rosehip & Hibiscus.

Tasting Note


Traditional Oolong Tea

A medium bodied tea, offering a mildly earthy character with a berry note and some strength.

Pure Sencha Green Tea

A gentle tea with a refreshing, and pleasingly mild character. A grassy note and hint of sweetness in the finish are typical of green tea steamed in the Sencha style. Elegant and subtle in taste, perfect for enjoyment all day.

Green Tea with Natural Jasmine Flowers

A fragrant and gentle green tea. The natural fusion of tea and Jasmine flowers is a tradition practiced over centuries which beautifully combines the softly sweet aroma and flavour of Jasmine petals with a gentle green tea. An aromatic and delightfully refreshing green tea, with bouquet and elegance.

Pure Green

A light and gentle green tea with a soft herbal note. Elegant, pale yellow with hues of olive when brewed, and a refreshing, pleasantly subtle aroma and taste.

Moroccan Mint Green

An enlivening and wonderfully refreshing green tea combining natural mint leaves with green tea in a traditional and wholly natural fusion of flavours. The marriage produces a sparkling tea that adds a minty fragrance and taste to a clean, and bright green tea.

Pure Camomile Flowers

Inspiringly light, delicate and golden, Camomile flowers are gentle and aromatic. The clear infusion is tinged with a fruity note to offer a sophisticated infusion.

Pure Peppermint Leaves

Invigorating, rounded with a gentleness that leaves the palate refreshed and clean. Light, with a sharp minty character and an olive green liquor.

Rosehip & Hibiscus

A tart penetrating, infusion, its rose red liquor revealing an invigorating beverage.  The Hibiscus tempers the sharpness of Rosehip giving it a slight softness. Ideal taken hot, with a touch of honey or iced with sugar.


Tea Format



Brewing Information

Image of a teapot

Recommended to use Spring Water

A cup of Dilmah tea

70˚C –80˚C for Green teas & Oolong Tea

An image of a timer and a teapot

1 Tea Bag per Person

An image of a cup of tea

220ml of water per person

An image of a cup of tea

2 minutes for Green teas & Oolong Tea


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