Mix and Match

Mix & match your favourite teas in ANY quantity you wish to purchase. Simply pick your favourite teas to your desired quantities while ensuring your total basket is a multiplication of six.

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  3. Tea Format Tea cup bags Remove This Item
  4. Tea Flavours Fruity Remove This Item
  5. Time of the Day All Day Remove This Item
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  7. Caffeine Level Medium Remove This Item
  8. Recommendations Tea mocktails / Cocktails Remove This Item

2 Products

  1. Mix & Match Elixir
    • New
    • Promo

    Mix & Match Elixir

    US$129.00 (Includes 3 packs)
  2. Mix and Mach - Natural Superfood Herbal Infusions -160 Cups
    • New

    Mix and Mach - Natural Superfood Herbal Infusions -160 Cups

    As low as US$69.00

    (Includes 8 packs)

2 Products

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