t-Series Luxury Leaf Tea Bundle with Tea Set and Timer

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  • 120servings per pack

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t-Series Luxury Leaf Tea Bundle with Tea Set and Timer
t-Series Luxury Leaf Tea Bundle with Tea Set and Timer
About the Product

A gourmet treat of exclusive teas and vivid colored tea sets. Choose a your favourite colour among the t-Sets along with the 6 specially selected gourmet teas and infusions.

Tasting Note & Distinctive Features

The Original Earl Grey Tea 20 tea bags

This tea is a combination of a rich and full bodied Ceylon Single Origin Tea with the flavour of Bergamot, a citrus fruit that is native to Calabria in Italy. The strong and distinctive Ceylon Tea partners harmoniously with the Bergamot flavour to offer an authentic Earl Grey Tea. Full bodied yet aromatic, with hints of citrus and a lingering and mildly sweet floral note, this is a majestic tea.

Moroccan Mint Green Tea 20 teabags

Gently uplifting, this combination of green tea with Peppermint leaves produces a delicious and all natural tea experience. The olive green Hyson leaf is tightly curled but opens dramatically when infused, yielding a medium strength amber liquor of tea embraced by Peppermint. An aromatic and zestful tea, our Moroccan Mint combines the elegance of Ceylon Young Hyson green tea with an energetic and cleansing Mint to offer a perfect after dinner tea.

Brilliant Breakfast 20 Tea Bags

A bright, brisk and bold tea. Intense and majestic, this tea offers body, strength, colour and pungency representing the essence of a fine Ceylon tea. Grown in the Dimbula Valley, the Broken Orange Pekoe leaf yields a burgundy coloured liquor which is robust and strong yet bright with an energetic personality. The fine BOP grade of tea with its small particle size produces the strength in this tea.

Pure Peppermint Leaves 20 Bags

Savoured as a refreshing beverage since Roman times, our pure Peppermint infusion is naturally caffeine free and ideally enjoyed after a meal, to cleanse the palate and aid digestion. The natural peppermint oil in the leaves imparts a menthol aroma and adds sparkle to the infusion of the leaf, making it a cooling and energizing experience.

Pure Camomile Flowers 20 bags

Chamomile is a gentle and relaxing herb enjoyed for centuries by Europeans as a tonic. The daisy-like chamomile flower has an upli‑ing aroma reminiscent of apples. The subtle flavour of chamomile is concentrated in the flower and this infusion offers the pure infusion of the chamomile flower, without leaves and stem. chamomile is o‑en enjoyed as a relaxing, naturally caffeine-free infusion before bedtime, with its soothing aroma and very delicate flavour.

Green Tea with Jasmine Flowers 20 tea bags

A gentle green tea in fragrant and delicate union with natural Jasmine petals. The soft, mildly sweet and mystical aroma of Jasmine is enthralling in its combination with green tea. This natural combination offers a refreshing and soothing beverage that is also a delicious palate cleanser.

Tea Timer

To enjoy the perfect cup of tea it's important to brew it correctly. In brewing tea, timing is crucial and the Dilmah Tea Timer is the perfect accessory to guarantee a perfect tea experience.

t-series Cups and Saucers

The vibrant t-series cups and saucers are a great way to enjoy your Dilmah tea as the sleek and attractive design take tea to a new level

t-Series Pot

The colourful well-designed t-series pot is a great statement piece and makes tea time fun as you brew your favourite tea for an overall tingling of the senses. 

Brewing Information
  • Recommended to use Spring Water
  • 95˚C –100˚C for Black teas (include flavoured black tea), 70˚C –80˚C for Green teas
  • 1 Tea Bag per person
  • 220ml of water per person
  • 3 - 5 Minutes for Black teas (include flavoured black tea), 2 - 3 minutes for Green teas
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