Wisdom in the Leaf

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The ‘Wisdom in the Leaf’: The most comprehensive book on Ceylon Tea production and the first of its kind since independence.

This 336-page, hard-cover book is an extensive collection on Ceylon Tea production, by expert and experienced contributors from the plantation and scientific communities. This book is a mix of easy-to-read information sprinkled with technical data and contemporary and historical photography. From field to office, and from creeper to plantation manager, it is an A-Z manual on tea planting.

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Wisdom in the Leaf
Wisdom in the Leaf
About the Product

The ‘Wisdom in the Leaf’ has been put together by 20 veteran planters with a collective experience of more than 500 years, and embellished with contributions from respected names in the scientific field.

The publication consists of chapters diving into on topics such as Agricultural / Factory and Manufacturing Practices, Fundamentals of Plantation Management, Personal Development, Human Resources, Forestry and Conservation, Water Resource Management, Diversification, Buildings and Housing, Financial Accounting and Control, Transport, and Climate Change Adaptation.

As a by-product of Dilmah’s History of Ceylon Tea (HOCT) project, whose Editor David Colin-Thomé was the Project Leader and Editor-in-Chief of ‘Wisdom of the Leaf’, this book also carries nuggets of wisdom of movers and shakers in the world of tea. The Publication Committee comprised of Jayantissa Ratwatte, Vernon Tissera, Bhatiya Jayaratne, Jivaka Atapattu, Kavi Seneviratne, Anura Gunasekera. The contributors are Monte Holsinger, Vige Bede-Johnpillai, Dyan Seneviratne, Vernon Tissera, Jivaka Atapattu, Bhatiya Jayaratne, S.K. Seneviratne, Ernie Daniels, Bernard Holsinger, Saman Munasinghe, Jayantha Jayawardene, Anura Gunasekera, Malin Goonetileke, Sarath Imbuldeniya, Russell Tennekoon, Ryle Perera, Steve Morrell and Nimal Amerasekera. From the world of science, the contributors are Dr. Tanuja Ariyananda Ph.D, Dr. Rohan Pethiyagoda B.Sc, Dr. Tissa Amarakoon Ph.D, and Daya Wickramatunga M.Sc.

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