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About The Teamaker’s Private Reserve

The Teamaker’s Private Reserve is an eclectic collection of rare, fine teas, each handpicked by Merrill J Fernando, Founder of Dilmah, to represent the finest in tea.

Showing myriad flavours, textures, and colours, the teas in this collection represent the finest in the teamaker’s world of tea. Experience the elusive elegance of Ceylon Single Estate Silver Tips, the intellectual tease of smoky Ceylon Souchong and the energetic personality of the Lover’s Leap Estate Pekoe I.

A deliciously authentic Ceylon Artisanal Spice Chai extends the tea experience with a traditional fusion of the spices that brought the early explorers to Ceylon; a Single Estate Tea from Nilagama is infused with luscious mango aromas, and a mellow flowery Broken Orange Pekoe from Doombagastalawa is imbued with the romance of rose petals.

Finally, pure chamomile flowers, unadulterated with stalks and leaves, complete the collection with a naturally caffeine-free, herbal infusion.


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