Common Forest Trees in Sri Lanka-Book

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Common Forest Trees in Sri Lanka-Book

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Common Forest Trees in Sri Lanka provides valuable information on Sri Lankan forests and their constituent trees in a very clear and interesting manner. Fascinating facts on some important trees of Sri Lanka, which are not known by most of the people are clearly illustrated in this book. These include information on religious trees, protected trees and some amazing trees such as those with the largest inflorescence, largest seeds, largest bamboo etc. This information is not only interesting to the general readers but are very important to the scientific community and also to the students of our country as forest ecosystems of Sri Lanka are included in the school curriculum.

This book also serves as a valuable guide to identify different species of forest trees in Sri Lanka. With very clear high resolution colour photographs of plants, their leaves, fruits and flowers and the diagrams of leaves showing the shape and venation pattern together with the information on dimensions of the leaves, this book helps in correct identification of different forest tree species. Further, the conservation status of each tree species is also given, indicating whether it is endemic, native or introduced.


Dr. Sudheera M. W. Ranwala, Dr. A. H. Magdon Jayasuriya, I. A. D. Nadeesha Dilrukshi

About the Authors

DR SUDHEERA M.W. RANWALA is a Senior Lecturer in Plant Sciences at the Faculty of Science, University of Colombo. She obtained BSc special degree in Botany from University of Colombo, PhD in Plant Ecology from University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK and is an alumnus of Commonwealth Scholars and Fellows of the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission of the UK. Sudheera conducts research on ecology of natural and urban ecosystems and invasive alien plant species and has published many research papers and authored few books. Sudheera is a Fellow member of institute of Biology, Sri Lanka.

DR AHMAGDON JAYASURIYA has B.Sc. special degree in Botany from the University of Colombo, MPhiL in Plant Ecology from the University of Peradeniya and PhD. in Plant Taxonomy from the City University of New York, USA He is presently engaged as a Senior Consultant to EML Consultants Pvt Ltd. He was the former Director of the Plant Genetic Resources Centre of the Department of Agriculture and prior to that the Curator of the National Herbarium of the National Botanic Gardens in Peradeniya. Currently he serves as the Chairman of the National Experts Committee on Biodiversity Conservation (Ministry of Environment) and the National Committee on Man and Biosphere Reserves (National Science Foundation)

Mrs. I. A D. NADEE SHA DILRUKSHI graduated from University of Colombo obtaining BSc in Plant Sciences. She is intending to continue higher studies on Plant Biology in USA.





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