Health Benefits of Earl Grey Tea

Health Benefits of Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey tea is undoubtedly one of the world’s most beloved teas. While the tea is aromatic, flavourful, and has an interesting history, it also has a wealth of health benefits. Read more to find out the story behind this revered tea’s name, its tasting notes, and the health benefits of Earl Grey tea. 

What is Earl Grey Tea? 

Earl Grey tea is a bold and bright single region Ceylon Tea, grown at around 2,000ft above sea level and gently fused with essence of Bergamot, a citrus fruit that is native to Calabria in Italy.Nowadays there are several variations of Earl Grey tea. For instance, the type of tea used as the base can be different, or a tea can be omitted altogether, and rooibos can be used instead. While different varieties of black tea can also be used, such as Assam black tea or Darjeeling black tea, single estate Ceylon black tea is widely regarded as the best to make Earl Grey tea.

Tasting Notes

The strong and distinctive Ceylon Tea partners harmoniously with the Bergamot flavour to offer an authentic Earl Grey tea. Full bodied yet aromatic, with hints of citrus and a lingering, mildly sweet, floral note, making this majestic tea completely unique.

History of Earl Grey Tea 

While there is much debate on how the tea received its unique name, one thing is for certain, it was named after the second Earl of Grey and former British Prime Minister, Charles Grey. The most popular story behind the tea’s origin is that of a Chinese scholar who once visited the Lord’s estate, handcrafted this special new to offset the taste of the excess lime in the local water and named it after the Lord. It was later popularised by Lady Grey who asked London tea houses to recreate this blend whenever she entertained.


Health Benefits of Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey tea has many shared health benefits with black tea since this blend is black tea based . Here are 6 benefits you can expect to see when you drink Dilmah Earl Grey Tea. 
  1. Boosts Immunity

    The main benefits of Earl Grey tea stem from the tea’s uniquely high antioxidant density. Black tea is rich in polyphenols and flavonoids which have antioxidant properties. These antioxidants can help offset the damaging effects of harmful molecules known as Free Radicals (FR) and Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). Prolonged exposure to these molecules can eventually lead to diseases such as cancer and heart attacks.
  2. Helps Improve Digestion

  3. Another health benefit that comes from drinking Earl Grey tea is improved digestion and an increase in the digestive tract health. Large populations of microorganisms live in all parts of the digestive tract, and while some of these microorganisms are beneficial to the human body, others are harmful. It is widely believed that regular consumption of tea results in the reduction of harmful microorganism populations whilst increasing the population of the beneficial microorganisms. These harmful microorganisms can lead to the development of diseases like ulcers and gastritis, therefore drinking tea can significantly improve your intestinal health.
  4. Can Boost Oral Health

    The main benefit of Earl Grey tea on oral health is by reducing tooth decaying bacteria. Tea is naturally rich in fluoride which is an element that makes teeth more resistant to tooth decay. Drinking tea also has the ability to reduce population of organisms such as Candida which can cause inflammation of the oral cavity.
  5. May Help Prevent Heart Disease 

  6. Drinking black tea may improve heart health and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases for two reasons. Bergamot products can lower cholesterol levels; a study conducted with 80 people with high cholesterol found that taking bergamot extract daily significantly lowered the level of bad cholesterol in the body. Also, regular consumption of black tea can help decrease blood pressure, which can help prevent more serious cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks and strokes.
  7. Can Promote Weight Loss 

    By its nature, Earl Grey tea is calorie-free, making it a great beverage to have if your goal is to lose or manage your weight. The polyphenols in black tea also help reduce the amount of fat being absorbed into your blood, as well as promoting metabolism. However, to experience all the weight loss benefits of Earl Grey tea you must maintain a healthy diet, drink plenty of water, and exercise regularly.
  8. A Great Energy Booster 

    Finally, Earl Grey tea contains a significant amount of caffeine e, one cup of black contains approximately 48mg of caffeine, but still has a far lower caffeine content than coffee. Caffeine can boost energy and improve brain function, and it is a well-known stimulant that could make you alert and relieve fatigue. Furthermore, polyphenols and caffeine in tea can also protect the brain against diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. 

How to Brew Earl Grey Tea

Brewing a cup of Earl Grey tea follows the same process as brewing a cup of black tea. Here are five simple steps to follow to make the perfect cup of tea: 
  • Boil spring water till it is about 95 - 100℃
  • Use 2.5g of tea for 220ml of water
  • Cover and let it steep for 3 - 5 minutes
  • Add sugar, milk, or honey (optional)
  • Stir and Enjoy! 

How to Store Earl Grey Tea

Tea is hygroscopic, which means it readily absorbs moisture and other odours or fragrances. To ensure your Ceylon tea is kept fresh for as long as possible, ensure you store it in an airtight container away from heat, light, and other odours. The tea should also be stored in a cool and dry place.  Earl Grey tea is loaded with nutrients and health benefits and is certainly a wonderful addition to your diet. Get your hands on a box of flavour and goodness today

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