Tea Mixology with Peter Kuruvita

Tea Mixology with Peter Kuruvita

Shake and stir a treat for you and your loved ones. Whether you’re on training wheels behind the bar or a professional mixologist, here’s how you can infuse the delightful taste of Ceylon tea with your next cocktail or mocktail. From new creations to a twist on the classics, try your hand at these easy and fun recipes with Peter Kuruvita.

How to make tea-infused alcohol at home with pomegranate tea – S01E02

How to use Gin and Tea in Cocktails – S01E04

How to make a rum tea cocktail – S01E06

Easy mocktail recipes using Dilmah Elixir of Green Tea with Jasmine – S01E08

Mojito with Moroccan Mint Green Tea Recipe – S01E10

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