The Secret Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea

The Secret Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea

Did you know that herbal infusions are as popular, and as healthy as traditional tea? Chamomile is one such popular herbal infusion that helps shed some light on this matter. Before going further into this, let us first understand what this herbal infusion is about.

What is Chamomile Tea?

Chamomile ‘tea’ stems from the flower-like herb, known as Chamomile. This herb has a similar appearance to that of daisies and is known to have several varieties. Regardless, it has been used for centuries around the world as a natural remedy to boost the immune system by drying, and then infusing in some hot water for consumption. This herbal infusion is not to be confused with traditional tea, as the latter stems from the Camellia sinensis plant, whereas the former stems from the Matricaria chamomilla herb.

Health Benefits of Chamomile (Tea) Infusion

With the advancements in health sciences, it is now possible to understand how Chamomile tea benefits the body and mind of an individual. Here are some of the discovered health benefits.

Chamomile and Sleep

Many studies have shown that the apigenin antioxidant, present in Chamomile, is known to promote better sleep quality. Thus, making it a natural remedy to people suffering from insomnia, and chronic inability to sleep. Of course, the positive effects of Chamomile tea can only be experienced if a healthy lifestyle is adopted.

Chamomile and Heart Health

Research has also shown that Chamomile tea helps in maintaining a good circulatory system, and a healthy heart overall. This is attributed to the flavone antioxidant, as it is shown to lower blood pressure and reduce the total level of ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol.

Chamomile and Weight Loss

Although more studies have to be conducted, there has been a link to how Chamomile tea benefits weight loss programmes. Studies have shown that due to the presence of minerals such as potassium, and calcium, along with several other flavonoids, the beverage helps in detoxing the body and maintaining healthy metabolism, which aids in losing weight. Once again, the benefits of Chamomile tea in weight loss can only be experienced, if healthy routines are followed

Chamomile and Digestion

A healthy digestive system is imperative to a strong immune system. Chamomile tea is one such beverage that is packed with several anti-inflammatory properties. Drinking the beverage supports smooth digestion by removing bacteria and other causes for gastrointestinal problems. Therefore, preventing digestive ailments, gas, and even stomach ulcers, which all aid in a robust immune system[vii][viii][ix].

Chamomile and Menstrual Pain

Chamomile tea is recommended as a natural remedy to ease menstrual cramps and muscle spasms. Studies show that the pain-relieving properties, along with antispasmodic properties in the beverage relaxes the muscles and reduces the production of hormones causing inflammation and pain. Therefore, making it a great home remedy to control menstrual cramps and other muscle-related problems[x]. Keep in mind though, the beverage is not a substitute to what your doctor prescribes to you.

Chamomile and Skin Care

More recently, studies have shown that there are several Chamomile tea benefits for skin care purposes, due to the abundance of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It has been shown that the application of Chamomile tea ointments and other cosmetic products aid in the healing of wounds, skin inflammation, moisturising of the skin, and even is known to treat eczema[xi][xii].

Chamomile and Mental Wellbeing

With advancements in the health sector, it has been understood that Chamomile tea health benefits extend to keeping a balanced state of mind as well. Medical researchers have found that the apigenin found in Chamomile tea benefits anxiety treatments, and helps in curing depression, allowing to reduce stress and go on about everyday life in confidence[xiii][xiv].

How to Prepare Chamomile Tea


  • Fresh spring water
  • Chamomile flowers
  • Honey (Optional)


  • Boil fresh spring water until it reaches a temperature of 95˚C-100 ˚C
  • Pour 220ml per person to cup or pot (if preparing for many)
  • Add one tea bag of Dilmah’s Chamomile or Pure Chamomile Flowers, or 2.5g, per person to cup or pot.
  • Let it steep for around 3-5 minutes
  • Add honey for a bit of sweetness.

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After a hard day’s work, accompany this soothing herbal tea with a homemade Apple Pie or nuts, tune into the soothing late evening jazz segement on to make the experience all the more wholesome.


Is Chamomile tea healthy for pregnant women?

The answer to this is subjective, since it depends on the medical history, diet, and lifestyle of the individual. It is always advisable to see a doctor and get his/her professional recommendation.

Is Chamomile tea a natural hair lightener?

Yes, it is said that Chamomile tea can be used to lighten hair without causing complications, however, it is best to ask a professional on the correct application of the herbal tea.

Can drinking Chamomile tea cause side effects?

Studies have shown a small percentage of individuals experience allergic reactions. Apart from allergies, there have not been any major side effects reported

Can children and babies drink Chamomile tea?

Infants and young children can drink Chamomile tea, if it is done in a controlled manner, since there is a possibility of an allergic reaction. In many cases, the herbal drink is recommended to fussy children who suffer from gastrointestinal conditions

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