A Tea-Lover’s Guide to Brewing a Perfect Christmas

A Tea-Lover’s Guide to Brewing a Perfect Christmas

This Christmas, brew warmth, pour love and spread joy with Dilmah teas and infusions that celebrate the season in each cuppa and beyond!

Our tea guide to the season is here to help you make the most of the festive season, whether it’s opting for the likes of a chilled lemon tea that can be enjoyed in the tropics, or a spice-filled Masala Chai, perfect for chilly nights – wherever you’re celebrating, we’ve got you!


Pour an Intimate Christmas

If you’re dreaming of a minimalistic Christmas, our bundle Teatime at Christmas has been curated with love, especially for you. Comprising our fine-porcelain Melton Teapot, 3 Queensbury Breakfast Cups & Saucers, and our Rose, Marzipan and Mint - Christmas tea. Here’s an intimate experience that offers a bright and elegant Ceylon tea with a sensuous floral note and nutty marzipan, complete with a delicious mint finish for an aromatic and blissful celebration that can be enjoyed in our Queensbury white porcelain teacup.


Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

Be open to serving taste adventures with our Apple, Cinnamon & Vanilla tea, Mint tea, and Caramel flavoured Ceylon Black Tea that can be enjoyed in our elegant Endane Double Wall Glass Mug when you get our Fun Christmas bundle. This gifting option is especially for the tea lover that seeks adventure, inspiration and great taste. Consisting of 20 teabags in each pack, now you can offer a fun experience with tea that’s toffee-like, chocolatey but sparkling and apple-pie-like. We rate this: yum!


Brew Warmth & Nostalgia

There’s a feeling of Christmas - and tea - in the air with our Chai Experience bundle which includes our Ceylon Spice Chai, Organic Ceylon Spice Chai tea bags and comforting Ocean Blue - Real Chai Mug. Choose from a spectacular profusion of tea with Sri Lankan herbs and spices; ginger, clove, cinnamon, lemongrass, turmeric & a hint of pepper in chai inspired by traditional healing - or enjoy a gentler Chai, that combines tea and natural Ceylon spices comprising cinnamon bark, ginger root & cardamom pods. Brew tea, spice and everything nice with flavours that taste of nostalgia in a cup!


Throw an Extraordinary Christmas Tea Party

Turn on the kettle and invite friends and family over for an extraordinary teatime experience regardless of if you’re celebrating by a fireplace or on the beach. Our Exceptional Christmas Bundle and Vivid Christmas Bundle are for the tea lover that seeks the joy of Christmas poured into a cup, or served iced in a glass. From our aromatic dessert teas - Rose with French Vanilla, Berry Sensation & Peppermint Leaves to our Ceylon Tea with Chocolate & Mint and Ceylon Tea with Apple Pie & Vanilla, here’s your chance to offer guests an extraordinary teatime experience. Each bundle also contains a teatime accessory, making this a great gifting option for tea lovers to enjoy a magical sensorial tea experience.


Sip into a Tranquil Christmas

Enjoy a silent night, where all is calm with our caffeine-free herbal teas. Every brew found in our Natural Winter Infusions Gift Pack offers an opportunity to taste warmth and experience a serene dimension of the holiday season. Featuring some of our most loved natural infusions from Pure Peppermint to Pure Camomile and Natural Rooibos, this gift pack contains 80 tea bags consisting of 8 herbal infusions that can be gifted just as it is.


Christmas inspired by Nature

This Christmas, we invite you to explore the pure taste of our low-caffeine and caffeine-free brews filled with natural goodness. Wake up to a cup of Organic English Breakfast tea on Christmas morning, feel rejuvenated after Christmas lunch with a cup of our Organic Green Tea with Ginger, and immerse in the goodness of spices and herbs found in a masala tea from our Organic Spice Chai. Celebrate the beauty of the season, just as Nature intended.


Christmas Gifting Made Delicious


Last but not least, our Dilmah Christmas Tea – Gift Pack is for your family, friends and you! Unwrap six of the season’s flavours wrapped in a box. Our 60-sachet Christmas tea selection offers palates inspiringly aromatic brews and nostalgic taste experiences that are filled with holiday magic; It’s the coming together of 6 festive flavours from our Silver Jubilee Gourmet range. Taste the magic of Christmas!


Can’t find what you’re looking for? Visit our online Christmas Market, where you can unravel the best of what the holiday season has to offer in teas that can be gifted or enjoyed at home. 

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