Christmas is brewing!

Christmas is brewing!


Tea-ming with goodness, tea-sing your senses – this Christmas, wake up to perfect brews from Dilmah that deliver the ideal mind, body and soul experience.


And if you’re looking for the perfect presents for family and friends, look no further because what’s a better gift than a perfect cup of tea!


Robust, comforting, revitalizing, soothing – and you can do much more than just brewing the perfect cuppa! Brew it, cook with it, bake with it, and turn it into mixology masterpieces; there are countless ingenious ways to elevate your seasonal favourites and incorporate surprising twists into classic Christmas dishes.


Unravel a truly tea-riffic mind, body, and soul experience this Christmas, when you gift our specially curated collection of teas and infusions selected to inspire joy and celebration!


Advent Calendar - Counting down to Christmas!


Here is something we’ve been brewing at Dilmah: A Christmas tale of kindness – inspiring merry moments for you and your loved ones!


This is a stunning selection of our best gourmet teas to inspire flavourful sips all throughout the season. And what’s best is it doesn’t matter if you’re naughty or nice, this is a gift for everyone: 24 brilliant teas – spicy, sweet, floral, full-bodied, calming, revitalizing, and everything in between! Take your pick from 12 stunning flavours from our t-Series range, sit back, relax, and take a moment (or two!) to take it all in.


A perfect cup of Ceylon’s Finest Teas a day to help rejuvenate and refresh your body, mind and soul; a perfect cuppa for your friends and family – they deserve nothing less!


Christmas Tea - 20 Teas for the season

We’ve saved you the trouble of choosing seasonal favourites among our wide range of teas, with this collection of very merry Christmassy teas – the Finest of Ceylon Teas for undoubtedly the Finest season of the year!


Gentleman's Tea

Teas fit for royaltea, this one is for the Kings among us!


This golden gift fit for royalty lets the men in your life indulge in our carefully selected teas and infusions set to prepare them to welcome the year ahead, refreshed and revitalized.


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