How to Brew Tea into Beer with Earl Grey

How to Brew Tea into Beer with Earl Grey


This recipe was originally created by Chefs Catalina Venegas and Cristian Gomez from our Global Real High Tea Challenge in 2015. Both these culinary geniuses come from Chile, where beer dates to the mid-19th century. So, this recipe is no ordinary infusion but one which brings together the respect for tradition in beer and Ceylon tea.

Since the 1800’s beer has been an important part of Chilean life and is found in abundance at social gatherings, however, since of late the country has experienced an increasing demand for craft or artisan beers. Fortunately, what Dilmah adds to this recipe is exactly that and more, because our teas are entirely handcrafted too. Our Earl Grey tea in particular offers tea drinkers a bold and bright single region Ceylon tea, grown at around 2000ft above sea level and gently fused with Bergamot flavour.

If you wish to impress palates with a complete artisan brew that celebrates craftsmanship in taste, texture and aroma, here’s the recipe:

Earl Grey Tea Beer Recipe


  • 10 k/l Mix Malts: Pilsen 90% / Cristal 5% / Rubi 5% / Chocolate 1%
  • 60g Hops
  • 200g Dilmah VIVID - Aromatic Earl Grey Tea
  • 20g Beer Yeast
  • 20L Spring Water

Method & Directions:

  1. First boil the liquid obtained from maceration (softening) for 90 minutes.
  2. Next, add small quantities of Hops at various intervals until the desired bitter taste is achieved.
  3. Add the Earl Grey Tea at 80 minutes – 10 minutes before the boiling process is completed.
  4. After 90 minutes, turn off the stove and start the re-circling process for 20 minutes until the temperature goes down to 80°C (176 F).
  5. Then, transfer the liquid into the fermenting deposits, adding the yeast and closing hermetically during the fermenting process.
  6. The fermentation process will last up to 7 – 10 days. While the temperature of the fermentation will be 20°C (68 F) as stable (steady).

The Aromatic Earl Grey Tea used in the recipe is a balanced, medium strength tea with the citrus note. This floral and fruity flavour balances the strength of the tea to offer a refreshing and delightful tea. Dilmah Earl Grey Tea is a perfect treat for any time of the day.

Experience this cuppa for yourself here.

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